Celebrating IWD! Inspirational Women of WGU & their stories #4

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” – Mother Teresa

These were wise words once said by Mother Teresa, but we also have plenty of wisdom coming out of our stories that we collected in celebration of International Women’s Day this year.

This blog series will feature these incredible role models and hopefully empower more women out there to #PressForProgress in 2018 and beyond…

Here’s Iolanda’s story:


Iolanda Banu Viegas, Founder of CLPW (Comunidade de Lingua Portuguesa de Wrexham)

Iolanda has been the Chair Person and founder of CLPW (Comunidade de Lingua Portuguesa de Wrexham) since 2013 and she has been the 3rd sector partnership council representative for North Wales in RCC (Race Council Cymru) since 2015, and Chair of Black History Month North Wales.

Iolanda Banu Viegas is 44 years old, Portuguese and born in Mozambique she now lives in Wrexham, North Wales. Iolanda has overcome the challenge of settling into a foreign country and managing a second language.

She is dedicated to providing assistance not only to the Portuguese language community in her now home town of Wrexham but to other language and ethnic minority communities in and around the area. The result of this in Wrexham is the acceptance of the Portuguese community into Wrexham’s communities and their positive and inspiring integration.

Ioland is also an elected councillor for the Portuguese Comunities within the UK and Ireland.

A social campaigner and multicultural event’s organiser, such as Anti Hate Crime Week, Black History Month, International Women’s Day, World Peace Day, Fado, Blas Portugal, One Billion Rising against Exploitation of Women and young girls. Iolanda has championed the recently new formerly Portuguese and Welsh group Amigos Y Cymmuned performed at the International Music Festival in Llangollen last July!

A multiple award winner, she was nominated as a Community Champion, on International Women’s Day in 2016, Highly Commended Awards include Volunteer of the Year 2013 and 2017 for WCVA, Social Entrepeneur of the Year (presented by The President of Portugal), Residents Award and CLPW CIC Community Group of the Year (Caia Park and Hightown Communities First). Enrico Stennet Awards for working to continue the struggle against Racism and Hate Crime, BHM Awards for contribuitions to Racial Cohesion in Wales and for Contributions to Black History Wales as a Founding Member, Outstanding Black Women Community Awards 2015…and many more… 


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