Five fast start-up hacks for success

Let’s get down to business with five start-up hacks for success…


1. Get creative.

Ok, so maybe you didn’t study art at college. Or maybe you did. Either way, find ways to get inspired. Whether that be simply spending time around influential people you can bounce ideas off, reading your favourite technology magazine, or attending a new workshop in your local area.


2. Get savvy with your money.

It will come as no surprise to you that success in business requires a certain degree of money management. So get savvy with it! Learn more about tax returns, set up a business bank account, start collecting receipts. You will thank yourself later.


3. Get a business plan.

You guessed it – it’s time to kick the right side of your brain into gear. Your business plan will not be written in a day. It is recommended that you proof read it (get someone you trust to do this too) and make sure information about your business is concise, engaging and contains sensible numbers.


4. Get smart with market research.

Always be open to new changes in your business sector of choice. Read up on new developments and keep up to date. Is your business on trend? Is it still going to be on demand in 5 years? These are the things worth bearing in mind.


5. Get networking.

Networking can come about in a number of ways. Consider other entrepreneurial people who can offer you new perspectives and exchange advice. Sign yourself up to an enterprise event. Lastly, don’t forget those you have already met and connected with on social media. There’s no harm in reaching out to them and asking if they have any sources you can use.


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